Woad Tulip - 1960's Nordiska linen kit
Woad Tulip - 1960's Nordiska linen kit
Woad Tulip - 1960's Nordiska linen kit

Woad Tulip - 1960's Nordiska linen kit

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Designed in 1962 by Ingrid Bjernefors-Dahlman for Nordiska of Gothenburg (N.I.A.B)  Sweden. 

Tulip 7409 is one of the first reprints from the NIAB embroidery archive, a favourite design and one of circa two thousand hand drawn patterns from 1960-1969. 

Included in this kit is: 

 - Linen, hand printed in Sweden, not far from the old linen factory where the Nordiska patterns were found. 
 - Linen embroidery threads and two cards: one of the cards with a photograph showing part of the 1960's artwork made prior to production of the kits, a brief history of its origins, and an English translation of the 8 simple stitches used:
satin stitch - split stitch - stem stitch - lazy daisy stitch
y-stitch - chain stitch - couching stitch - French knots

The other card shows the 24 common stitches used by Nordiska in their kits, a handy card to keep in front of you as you embroider.


We have have not yet found a complete Tulip 7409 pattern chart, therefore improvisation with colours and stitches is needed and encouraged. The card which shows the 60's pattern drawing notes each colour as number 1- 5. You can also see drawings of the stitches as an indication where to add them. 

We don't recommend washing this linen, but if you decide to, remember that linen shrinks 4-5%, and it's best to soak before laundry to save the flax fibres from unnecessary wear. The screen print itself is water proof. Returns are accepted within 3 weeks.

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