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Olive Owl #3
Olive Owl #3
Olive Owl #3
Olive Owl #3
Olive Owl #3
Olive Owl #3

Olive Owl #3

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OWL 6347

From the 1969 catalogue by Nordiska of Gothenburg/NIAB. 

Owl 6347 was originally made into a silk cushion in Sweden, and a linen cushion in Britain. The linen owl was sold through The Needlewoman Shop on Regent street in London, and we have found one of these vintage cushions which you can see here: 


In this modern version we have screen printed the design onto a slightly larger piece of linen, 50 cm wide and 60 cm tall, approximately as all fabric is cut by hand. The design itself is 24x30 cm. The backing is not included, but it makes a great cushion if you use vintage linen, cotton or for example tweed. 

The card shows part of the original pattern drawings made prior to production of the kits. We are searching for the original chart that came with each kit in the 60's and hope to find it one day.
In this kit a little improvising is needed and encouraged. 

The stitches used are: satin stitch, stem stitch, chain stitch, lazy-daisy-stitch, y-stitch, split stitch and French knots. 

Included in the kit: 

50 x 60 cm pure linen fabric and threads. We will include two more skeins of linen to this kit, please mail with preferences if you like! The skeins are not pictured as the Owl-prints here came straight from The Knitting & Stitching Show where everyone could choose their own colours. 

Two stitch cards: 
one card with a photograph of the original artwork, an English translation of stitches used, and a brief history of its origins. The other card describes the 24 common stitches used by Nordiska in their kits.