Leaf Swirl - Nordiska 1960’s linen print #6
Leaf Swirl - Nordiska 1960’s linen print #6

Leaf Swirl - Nordiska 1960’s linen print #6

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Leaf Swirl Bag 6052

Included in the kit: 

Linen with screen print (does not wash off)
Linen threads, contemporary and dyed in Sweden. 
A card showing the original drawing from the 1960's with a brief history of it's origins and named stitches
A stitch card with 24 common stitches, included in all Nordiska kits from that era. 

The linen embroidery kit was designed by an unnamed designer for Nordiska/Niab in the 1960's, originally to make a small evening bag/purse. 

We have re-printed this design in the exact measurements of the 60's kit, but without the surrounding folding lines marked (as shown on the card) so that you are more free to use the design as you like. 
The linen fabric is hand cut to circa 39 cm x 36 cm, with the print set on the top left corner which leaves enough fabric to make a backing too, if a bag is your preferred thing! 
The design itself is approximately 11.5 cm in diameter. A six of seven inch hoop will be good for this size of linen. 

It's suitable for beginners with only two stitches needed: satin stitch (plattsöm) and stem stitch (stjälksöm) although chain stitch will look great on the swirl too! There are enough threads in the kit to experiment a little, and it is always encouraged here as we don't have the exact instructions for the original kit. 
With the 24 stitch card that is also included, 

you won't have a problem to make something beautiful with this. 

We have not embroidered up a sample, but you can see a few different ones made by embroiderers on https://www.instagram.com/linladan/ 
There are only 1-3 kits per colour combination, so your embroidered piece will be one of a kind. 

Returns are accepted within three weeks.