Fairytale Castle/ Sagoslottet by Nordiska (1963) Print only
Fairytale Castle/ Sagoslottet by Nordiska (1963) Print only
Fairytale Castle/ Sagoslottet by Nordiska (1963) Print only

Fairytale Castle/ Sagoslottet by Nordiska (1963) Print only

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The Fairytale Castle / Sagoslottet (without threads, limited to 25)

By Ingrid Bjernefors Dahlman for Nordiska, 1963

The Swedish embroidery company Nordiska/Niab was founded in 1879, employed talented Swedish designers right from the start and produced embroidery kits for well over a hundred years. Their archive was hidden away in an old linen factory after the company closed down, saved by a man who knew it was too precious to be spread for the wind, or worse, destroyed. 
Since August 2018, Linladan have been republishing patterns with the permission of the archive. We are working on getting the embroidery kits as near the originals as possible, although it has proved a little difficult with many of the instructions missing. 
This is our second selection of prints: our most popular and longed for pattern, Sagoslottet (Fairytale Castle). 

 Ingrid’s Sagoslottet was drawn and painted in the south of Sweden where Ingrid studied a castle during cherry blossom season. The design was originally printed on green linen fabric and it was intended that it would be made into a wall hanging or cushion. The linen fabric we have today is contemporary unbleached linen, screen printed in Sweden not far from the old factory where the patterns were found. 
The linen threads are both 1960's and 1990's, all dyed in Sweden, strong and lustrous. 

 The card shows part of the original kit printed onto green linen and part of the original pattern drawings made for the production of the kits. You will also receive a stitch card that Nordiska/Niab had with all of their embroidery kits, 
showing 24 of the common stitches used in their designs. 

 The linen fabric is 85 cm wide, and 38 cm tall, all hand cut so it can vary slightly. The print itself is centered and measures 48 cm wide and 22 cm tall, exactly as the original. 

The stitches used in this kit are: 

 stjälksöm - stem stitch 

plattsöm - satin stitch

kedjesöm - chain stitch

läggsöm - couching stitch

kopplad sticksöm - split stitch

lättsöm - laity-daisy-stitch

öppen lättsöm - y-stitch 

Franska knutar  - French knots 

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