Birds in Tree - Lila
Birds in Tree - Lila
Birds in Tree - Lila

Birds in Tree - Lila

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Designed by Ingrid Bjernefors Dahlman for Nordiska, 1960’s

Hand print on contemporary linen. approximately 37 cm x 37 cm. 
The print itself is 14 cm tall, 7 cm wide. We have not printed the original cutting lines to give a little room to improvise, for example if you like to make a little pocket or purse. The print is positioned slightly to the left to allow more room for ideas. 

Two skeins are included: one of contemporary linen threads in blues and greens, and one small skein of 1960's hemstitch linen in soft teal. 
This thread is 4-stranded and you can choose to strand it to embroider very fine details, or use it as it is. 

In the kit you will also receive a card with a photograph of the original artwork, an English translation of stitches used, and a brief history of its origins. The other card describes the 24 common stitches used by Nordiska in their kits. This embroidery shows where to use the stitches, although it is noted in Swedish, the translation on the back of the card will explain what they are called in English. 


The Swedish embroidery company Nordiska of Gothenburg/Niab was founded in 1879 and continued to design patterns for over 100 years. Their archive was recently unearthed to reveal thousands of embroidery patterns for all seasons.

Ingrid’s Birds in Tree was originally printed on green “moralinne”, a heavier weight fabric no longer in production, and it was intended that this design would be made into an eyeglass case. The unbleached linen fabric in this kit has been screen printed in Sweden not far from the archive and the linen thread is dyed in Sweden by a master dyer who learned the trade as a young man.

The card shows part the Swedish language instruction that came together with the kits, and part of the first original painting of the design.


The stitches used are: 

plattsöm - satin stitch

stjälksöm - stem stitch 

schattersöm - satin stitch

lättsöm - lazy-daisy-stitch

kopplad sticksöm - split stitch

knutar  - French knots 


For the French knots, wind the thread around the needle twice.