Indigo Tulip Garden 7883
Indigo Tulip Garden 7883
Indigo Tulip Garden 7883

Indigo Tulip Garden 7883

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Tulip Garden 7883

Unnamed artist for Nordiska of Gothenburg, 1963

One of our first 2020 reprints from the NIAB embroidery archive.

When it was first published, Tulip was printed on mustard linen and embroidered with
19 colours of linen thread. The original size was 30 x 30 cm, and sold as a cushion kit. In the contemporary version, the print is 21 x 26 cm as the original, but instead printed on a panel that is 50 cm tall, and 45 cm wide. There is a little extra fabric on most prints, usually 5 cm on one side. 
So far, the pattern chart for this kit has not been found, and you will need to decide where to add the colours and stitches, using this card as

reference. The card shows the pattern drawing made prior to production of the kits.

The print is very new and we have not yet worked out how much thread is needed, but estimate 7-8 skeins. For now, it is sold only without threads. We hope to have thread sets for these kits available by the end of April. The discount of 20% is valid only through March, as long as stock lasts.