Linnaeus Fern
Linnaeus Fern
Linnaeus Fern
Linnaeus Fern

Linnaeus Fern

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Designed by Ingrid Bjernefors-Dahlman for Nordiska of Gothenburg, 1964

Dark olive/moss linen ca 50 x 50 cm with 1960’s design print 29 cm wide, 22 cm tall.  

Two stitch cards are included: one card showing the 24 common stitches used in Nordiska’s embroidery, and one card with an image of the original 60’s drawing with a brief history of its origins translated into English. 

The stitches used in this kit are: 

satin stitch, y-stitch, split stitch, stem stitch, 
lazy daisy stitch, flat stitch and French knots. 

We are currently searching for an original version of this cushion from 1964. 
For now, we can show an embroidered sample from one of our current kits, the last photo in this listing. 
The colours vary from kit to kit, so please see the threads photographed with the cards. 

The original 60's design was printed onto cream wool fabric, and the tallest flower / arctic starflower / Trientalis europaea was then instructed to be embroidered in green. As we have printed onto different coloured linen for this series, it will look great to embroider the starflower in white with yellow dots as the real flower look, growing in Swedish woods, in Scotland and parts of northern England. 
A little yellow linen thread will be added to the kits from today (10th of June 2019), although it is not pictured here on the photographs. 

We have also found an instruction sheet from the 60's and can include a copy with each order now (start 30/9 2019)