Fairytale Castle/ Sagoslottet by Nordiska (1963)

Fairytale Castle/ Sagoslottet by Nordiska (1963)

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The Fairytale Castle / Sagoslottet

By Ingrid Bjernefors Dahlman for Nordiska, 1963

*we will add new Fairytale Castles 14/10-30/10 2020

 Ingrid’s Sagoslottet was drawn and painted in the south of Sweden where Ingrid studied a Scania castle during cherry blossom season. The design was originally printed on green linen fabric and it was intended that it would be made into a wall hanging or cushion. The linen fabric we have today is screen printed in Sweden near the old factory where the patterns were found. 

 The card shows part of the original kit printed onto green linen and part of the original pattern drawings made for the production of the kits. You will also receive a stitch card that Nordiska/Niab had with all of their embroidery kits, 
showing 24 of the common stitches used in their designs. 

 The linen fabric is 75 cm wide, and 38 cm tall, 
all hand cut so it can vary slightly. The print itself is centered and measures 48 cm wide and 22 cm tall, exactly as the original. 

The stitches originally used in this kit are: 

stem stitch, satin stitch, chain stitch, couching stitch, split stitch, lazy-daisy-stitch, y-stitch and French knots. 

We have found a sheet of the original colour and stitch chart and will include a full size copy of this too, but the colours will be different from the contemporary kit. 

We use 10 shades of linen in the contemporary kit

For embroidered samples, visit #nordiskaembroidery on Instagram


Returns are accepted within 3 weeks. 

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