Thank you so much to everyone who came to The Knitting & Stitching show in London! We are still unpacking boxes from the event, shipping orders, and will add two new Nordiska kits to the webshop by Friday: a flock of birds by from 1960, and Apple Tree from 1962. 

Pale Woad Circle Runner - panel
Pale Woad Circle Runner - panel

Pale Woad Circle Runner - panel

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Nordiska of Gothenburg, 1960s
Designer: Birgitta Salenius
Name: Löpare 5980
Original colour: Green or blue base linen, multi coloured threads

Löpare 5980 was originally printed on coloured linen and it was intended that
it would be made into a table cloth. We have also found this as a 1960's handbag, with linen backing and a round bamboo handle. 

The linen fabric has been screen printed in Sweden on a panel, 75 x 40cm,
the design itself is 51 x 14 cm. 

In the original design 11 colours were included, but only 8 skeins are needed to complete this design, 
just choose two of the same colour if you like all the circle outlines to be the same shade. It is also nice with a two coloured chain. 

The design is printed with permanent ink just as in the 1960's,
so just embroider over the printed lines.